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Why We Care

red apple on transparent tinyAnyone who owns a property in France should have access to reliable assistance in every sector - from sourcing materials to managing and maintaining their properties. 

Here at The Gite Doctor we want to ensure that you get the right information, from the right people, from the word 'go'. This ensures less pain for you as property owners and provides our dedicated team of experts with a real sense of satisfaction from a job well done. 

The Gite Doctor is the brainchild of Sally Stone, founder of Les Bons Voisins (LBV) - the French property management network. Since it was founded in 2002, part of the ethos of LBV was to surround the business with reliable and professional experts whose services could complement LBV's core business of property management. Typically those professionals provided legal, accounting, building, planning and insurance expertise, as well as a host of practical and management skills, and these were all available to LBV's property owning clients wherever an LBV associate was physically located. 

The business model was a remarkable success but Sally became frustrated by the constraint of offering such services only within certain geographical locations throughout France. Increasingly, customers from all over France began telephoning and emailing LBV's Brittany headquarters to ask for help and advice. At that point she realised it would have a much greater reach, and be far more effective and accessible if such a service were available to all property owners from a central, online location. And so the idea for The Gite Doctor was born.

To begin the business, Sally gathered together a core group of trusted professionals with expertise in all the necessary disciplines in order to form an online consulting team.  This would allow the business to handle any problems that property owners might encounter - from dealing with awkward clients to dealing with unpaid taxes. Today, The Gite Doctor prides itself on having provided a solution for every client problem so far. 

If you're worried by a property-related problem, or suffering pain rather than joy from owning and letting a French property, drop into our virtual surgery for a chat. We're friendly and very approachable. You can drop Sally a line on her mail form here, or contact any of our experts for direct advice. 

Reception Desk 

Please take a seat and relax. We are a friendly group of experienced specialists, all living and working in France, who have gathered together to form a group practice to provide remedies for owners of property here.

Whether you need only a little 'TLC' or full-blown intensive care, The Gite Doctor can help you to make the most of your property in France. 

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We are
 Your on-line consultants, here to make difficult ailments disappear. Come on in and chat with us.  We're good listeners.

Come and Meet Us! 

Verity-talking-at-show-bor2At least five times a year we are at UK exhibitions to meet and advise new LBV clients, agents and franchisees. Why not drop in for a coffee and a chat? We can give you FREE or heavily discounted tickets, depending on the venue. 

Details of our next appearance can be found HERE.

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